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Work in Progress – Summer 2022

Bit of an update on new work and work in progress

Up until recently all the new work has revolved around new shapes and colours. Last year I and a lot of trouble with clay and glaze incompatibility and as a result I had to chuck loads of work away. Well, I say chuck away, what I I actually mean is take off sale and display in my garden! Anyhoo, it left me with a significant degree of anxiety when it came to glazing any new pieces. The last thing you want after investing hours in a one-off piece is for it to be completely unsellable so I’ve been trying out alternatives to glazing.

So, I’ve been experimenting with just underglaze, giving a colourful but matte finish, acrylic and watercolour paints, oil pastels and marbling inks. I’ve also been trying different varnishes and UV resin for eyes. I do like the matte finishes but still feel they need sealing so am experimenting with various matte sealants.

Ceramic Ginger Cat rear view
Ceramic Ginger Cat

Ginger Cat – SOLD

Grey Ceramic Cat Face