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Hello! I’m Kat, an artist based in the town of Newton-le-Willows, though I’m originally from Stockport so a proud Mancunian (Stockfordian to be precise) rather than a Merseysider. I’m happily married, and my husband, Bear, plays a pivotal role in my business. He’s not only an amazing source of moral support but also a tech wizard, ensuring my creative endeavours run smoothly.

Our household is ruled by one very large and incredibly bossy Maine Coon cat, Ripley, who also goes by the regal alias of Migatobonito Elle McPurrson!

From a lifelong passion for art and a dream of crafting puppets for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, my journey has been a colourful one. At 18, I embarked on a multidisciplinary artistic adventure, first in 3D art and then opting for a Crafts degree exploring wood, metal, ceramics, and textiles. Though I specialized in metal and textiles at the time, it was clay that ultimately stole my heart, though I didn’t realise it until many years later. Sculpting in 3D felt like drawing in a new dimension.

After completing my degree, I spent two fulfilling decades as an art teacher, working in a variety of media and honing my digital and CAD/CAM skills and producing large scale artworks for the school’s open spaces in the process. A change in circumstances in 2017 gave me the opportunity to embark on a new challenge and to open my own studio. Kat Person Designs was born.

Ripley - Maine Coon Cat

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