Lulu’s Minions

Lulu’s Minions & Friends

Ceramic Coaster from Lulu's Minions
Ceramic Cat Portrait by Kat Pearson Designs
ceramic cat necklace
Ceramic Coaster from Lulu's Minions
Ceramic Sleepy Cat Wall Art by Kat Pearson Designs
Needle Felt Cat from Lulu's Minions

Lulu’s Minions is a collection of, mostly, cat themed artworks, ceramics and illustrated gifts. 

The name comes from our last cat and queen of all she surveyed, Lulu Squeakermouse McCatpants, first of her name and divine ruler of her trusted minions, i.e. me and the Bear!

My work is for people who see cats the same way I do, as beautiful, characterful creatures who allow us to share their world!

My portraits aim to capture the essence of any cat; that bit of cattitude and independent spirit that they possess – part psychotic genius, part zen buddhist and all round fluffy maniac!

This collection has a number of different product lines within it to suit a range of budgets and tastes, as well as offering a number of custom and bespoke options.

Lulu Squeakermouse McCatpants

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Ceramic Artwork

From tiny but individually formed Pocket Cats to serene Sleepy Cat Wall Art, there really is something to suit every taste and budget. Included in this range are:

  • Pocket Cats: tiny hand sculpted, individually glazed/painted miniature cats in a range of colours.
  • Pebble Cats: bigger relations to the Pocket Cats. Available as singles, mothers and kittens and families.
  • Character Cats: hand-sculpted cats featuring heart shaped noses and available in a range of realistic and non-realistic colours. (B)
  • Cat Jewellery
  • Slip Cat Faces: These are cast faces that are then moulded by hand to create individual characters to hang on the wall. Available with a range of hanging accessories.  (B)
  • Christmas decorations: Including baubles as well as limited edition collectable annual designs. These are a must for every cat lover’s tree* (*Advise that these are tied on and displayed high up the tree as our furry friends love them a bit too much sometimes!)
  • Sleepy Cat Wall Art: These hand-sculpted relief pieces aim to capture the calm and serenity of our snoozing friends and ooze peace and well-being. They are available in a range of colours and finishes. (B)
  • Other miscellaneous and one-off pieces: I am always trying out new designs or creating one-offs.

(B) = Bespoke, portrait or custom versions available. Please see my Commissions page for more details.

Illustrated Gifts & Homewares

Whilst not all of these products are manufactured by me, they all feature my original designs. Where they have been produced by a third party, I endeavour to use a UK manufacturer and make it clear in any shop listings which products have been designed and made by hand and which have been designed by me but sent out for production. This range includes:

  • Handmade Coasters: these are made by me using ceramic tiles hand wrapped in my original illustrations. Any of my artwork can be made into coasters on request and coasters can be personalised with names and simple messages. (B)
  • Pocket Mirrors: These make fantastic gifts. Large enough to be practical yet slim enough to easily fit into a bag or pocket. These can feature any of my artworks and can be personalised too! (B)
  • Mugs: These are made to order by a third party but can feature any of my designs. (B) (PP)
  • Cushions: These luxurious vegan suede cushions are made by a third party and are wonderfully plump and soft! They are made to order and therefore can feature any of my artworks. (PP)
  • Wooden brooches and plaques: individually hand-painted designs (B)
  • Be More Cat Designs: This is a mini range of quirky, funny designs that articulate just some of the stuff cats think! They are available as handmade coasters, pocket mirrors, badges, mugs, prints etc. (PP)
  • Badges: featuring any of my designs these quirky colourful badges come in two sizes and are great little gifts and accessories.
  • Phone cases, drinkware, bags, etc: Occasionally I make my designs available for use on print on demand sites, increasing the range of products they are available on. (PP)

(B) = Bespoke, portrait or custom versions available.
(PP) = Designed by me but manufactured by a production party.

Artwork & Cards

All of my non ceramic designs start life as digital paintings and illustrations. Contrary to popular opinion, digital painting takes as much creativity and skill as more traditional forms of art. Every brush stroke, style, colour and position needs to be chosen just as carefully but with the added bonus of being able to produce many variations of individual illustrations. Artworks and illustrations are available as:

  • Art Prints
  • Downloadable Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Canvases
  •  Greetings Cards

Portraits can also be commissioned and include both the printed version and the digital file.

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