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Purrgoyles: New Ceramic Character Cats

Ziggy Purrdust

Ziggy Purrdust

Supurr Star DJ

Supurr-star DJ

The Mad Catter #1

The Mad Catter #1

Furr-st Mate Ceramic Cat

Furr-st Mate (Purr-rirates & Rogues series)

Meet my new Purrgoyles! 
Whilst my ceramic portraits grab attention at markets, they don’t sell very well ‘off the peg’, with people understandably preferring to commission portraits of their own cats. The downside of this on the run up to Christmas is that the turn around time on portrait can be quite long, depending on a heap of factors. To try and mitigate this and improve sales on higher value items, I have started work on a new range of character cats which, as they’re wall mounted, have been nicknamed Purrgoyles in reference to their gothic distant cousins! These are the first batch but I have loads of ideas to work through, including historic characters such as Vikings and Egyptians,, kings and queens. Christmas and Halloween designs, steampunk, famous music icons, art themed ones, etc. Basically if I can find a cat themed pun, it’s fair game! Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram as I will be holding votes to decide on the next ones to do and choosing names. 


I will also be producing ‘blank’ portrait faces for customers at markets to choose from and have painted up in their own furball’s colours to try and speed up the custom ones, taking the 12-16 wk wait down to around 2 wks. So look out for those from Sept.

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