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Beardy Bear BS

Beardy Bear BS started life as a solution to the age old problem... What to buy a bloke, other than socks, for a present?

The first BBBS designs were made as gifts. They were a huge hit and four designs soon became hundreds as new themes and customisation were added.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the BS stands for Bar Stuff, what else! 

Whilst the first BBBS designs were all based on craft beer designs (my Bear and his friends can be such beer snobs!), wines and spirits designs, town and country, hobbies, etc were soon added. Whilst the topics are varied and seemingly endless, they all share a similar aesthetic; vintage, distressed typography. There are lots of options of personalisation, with bespoke versions available for may of the designs. The main product for these designs are handmade coasters but they are also available as prints as well as t-shirts and accessories.

  • Beer, Wines & Spirits:  First designs and still the most popular. Great go-to gifts for blokes.
  • Beards & Tattoos: One of the newest lines but as the Bear is the owner of a magnificent beard and a wonderful collection of tattoos, it seemed remiss not to reflect this in his range of designs!
  • Town & Country: Designs featuring place names. Whether this is a single town, city or county; a collection of towns within a region or even a collection of landmarks, tourist spots, rivers, mountains etc. there is something for everyone. These designs can be custom made to contain any selection of places. (B)
  • Hobbies & Pastimes: Similar to the Town& Country range in style, these designs can feature word collections relating to any interest, e.g. dog breeds, gardening terms, specific sports terms, food and drink, etc. Again these designs can be custom made to contain words relating to any specific hobby, sport, occupation, etc. (B)
  • Vintage Home & Romance: This is a small collection of designs where the emphasis is more on vintage and shabby chic than on typography. Some of these can be personalised and are great housewarming or wedding presents. (B)
  • Cubicle Rebellion: These designs are somewhat irreverent and are aimed at those that want to stand out from the masses and shout their individuality whilst surrounded by a sea of corporate grey and beige! (B)
  • Definitions: Well you can’t design with words and not include a few choice definitions! 

(B) = designs can be custom made with own wording

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