Angels & Stables

Angels & Stables is a collection of contemporary Christian artwork, cards, Nativity sets and angel figures.

Drawing inspiration from both contemporary and traditional stained glass as well as Celtic lettering and illuminated manuscripts, these  colourful designs and paintings are a vibrant, modern alternative to more traditional offerings.

For obvious reasons, much of this range is seasonal and the Nativity Sets are made to order and can be added to year on year.

Within this range you can find:

Artwork from Angels & Stables
Angels & Stables Christmas Card
Artwork from Angels & Stables
Watercolour Stained glass Mecken as
Modern nativity illustration
KPD Celtic Graffiti 001
watercolour Christian quote

Artwork & Greetings Cards

  • Modern Celt: Featuring Celtic & Gaelic inspired lettering and phrases with a contemporary twist. 
  • Stained Glass Series: An ongoing interpretation of beautiful stained glass windows from around the world, captured in the form of digital watercolours. 
  • Embroidered Grace: Textiles inspired illustrations featuring aspects of digital collage, applique and embroidery.
  • Simple Flow: Clean, modern, stylised and often minimalist illustrations for use on greetings cards.  


Nativity Sets & Angels

Growing up, the crib was as much a centrepiece of Christmas as the tree. I offer handmade, modern, stylised nativity designs that can be customised and added to over time. 

Available in different sizes and finishes, figures are sold separately so your family crib can be anything from the integral Holy Family  to a ‘cast of thousands’ with flocks of shepherds, choirs of angels and a multitude of sheep and donkeys!

  • Verdigris Design: Named after it’s original colour, this popular minimalist design with accented halos, currently comes in a range of figures, including The Holy Family, Three Kings, Standing Shepherd, Kneeling Shepherd, Angel, Sheep, Ram, Donkey, Dog and Stable. It is available in a wide range of colours and additional figure designs can be requested.
  • Wedge Design: A minimalist and primitive design, drawing inspiration from old Celtic statues. Currently only available as a three piece Holy Family set, although additional figures can be produced on request. 
  • Folk Design: keeping to the minimal design of the others, this set is finished in more traditional colours.
  • Canvas Cribs: something a little bit different. Instead of traditional figures, these nativity sets are made from a series of hand-painted mini canvases. Available in both hanging and free standing versions.
  • Angels: All the nativity sets have the option of coordinating angels but I often make one-off designs as  ‘guardian angels’ or to celebrate one of the many virtues. 

Folk Style Nativity Set by Kat Pearson Designs
Verdigris Style Nativity Set by kat Pearson Designs
Verdigris & Gold Nativity Set from Angels & Stables

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