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In my home studio, I blend traditional craftsmanship with digital innovation to bring my artistic vision to life. I work with various mediums but working in clay is my ‘happy place’, where every sculpted form tells a story. And through digital illustration, I discovered a medium that offered boundless possibilities. Digital painting not only unlocked my artistic freedom but also allowed me to work around a hand deformity, turning a challenge into a unique advantage.


A significant part of my creative journey revolves around celebrating the quirky, charming world of cats. I’ve been smitten with these whiskered wonders since childhood, painting our family feline companion, quite literally, in shades of blue and green (with his cooperation, of course!) As an adult, I became a dedicated cat slave, first to Harry and Lulu and now, currently, to Ripley. Their daily whisker-twitching and tail waggling antics over the years have provided endless inspurr-ation for my designs and paintings, whether crafted in clay or brought to life with digital paint. And the best part? I can legitimately watch cat videos while I work! It’s the cat’s meow!


My art is a testament to resilience, passion, and the endless journey of self-expression, with a sprinkle of feline fun. I invite you to paws for a moment and explore my paw-folio, where you’ll find a blend of traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation, all with a whisker of whimsy. Each piece is a not-so-subtle nod to my love for these four-legged mischief-makers and an invitation to join me in celebrating the quirky, charming world of cats.


Cats are obviously my biggest source of inspiration and I produce work for people like me. It’s not about creating cute designs, it’s about capturing both the joys and the challenges of, and I use the word tentatively, ‘owning’ a cat. Those of us lucky to share our lives with cats know we are, in fact, just ‘staff’! Much beloved staff but staff nonetheless. Cats choose to spend time with us and choose when to show affection. They are funny and entertaining and their ability to just relax and sleep anywhere is a lesson in tranquillity we could all learn from. I try to capture the essence of calm and peace of a sleeping cat in many of my pieces as well as some of their more comedic thoughts in my ‘Be More Cat’ cards and coasters.

I currently work in a range of media including ceramics, digital painting & illustration, needle-felt and papier-mache, with added elements of 3D printing and hand-painted laser-cut wood.

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