About Me

Full-time artist-maker, qualified teacher, self-professed cat person and proud geek!

I’ve always loved Art and making things. My earliest artistic memory is of getting into trouble for, quite literally, painting the cat! (I still say it was his fault for letting me!) and I regularly discover, whilst wandering round Tesco’s, the random pencils or paintbrushes I’ve tucked in my hair earlier for safe keeping!

Art was always my favourite subject at school and I think I was quite lucky in that we were taught Art, Craft and Sewing as separate subjects. Coupled with metal and woodwork in CDT (showing my age now!), I count myself as very fortunate that I got to try my hand at a range of materials before even leaving school.

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with an Hons. Degree in Crafts. I majored in metal and textiles but have returned to ceramics in my more recent work. I enjoy not being tied down to any specific material or way of working.
Following graduation I spent nearly 20 years teaching Art and Design Technology, where I enjoyed working in a variety of 2D and 3D media – anything from hand-built ceramics to 3D printing, with a whole load of paper-mâché and digital illustration in-between!
After nearly a decade of teaching full-time, an opportunity arose that would allow me, alongside my teaching role, to push my skills further forward in Graphic Design. I’d gotten my first taste of digital art at college, using very early Apple Macs (essentially just Mac Paint, and black and white at that!) Many moons later I switched to PCs, Photoshop and Illustrator and have never looked back.

I spent the next ten years as the school’s in-house designer, producing everything from badges, logos and stickers to websites, planners and prospectuses and finally to large scale refurbishment projects that led to the creation of whole solar systems, huge word clouds, illustrated doors, walls, ceilings, desks and even turning an ex-toilet turned office into the entrance to Narnia! (You can see all of these designs and more on my website under Portfolio > Learning Space Designs.) Whilst the small stuff was fun, it was the big pieces of wall art that I loved creating and am most proud of.

Unsurprisingly, working in a range of different media means my inspiration comes from a multitude of eclectic sources. I love architecture, in all its forms, but in particular churches and stained glass. As a carry-over from teaching graphics and product design, I enjoy interesting typography, packaging and innovative design. Whilst I don’t wear much of it myself, I love the creativity and variety found in jewellery and shoe design. I draw inspiration from nature and the animal world (fully paid up member of the crazy cat lady support group and red pandas, otters and big cats are always first stops on my trips to the zoo!) From the art world, my heroes are Goldsworthy, Gormley, Dali, Rothko, Hundertwasser, Gaudi, Chagall and Chihuly. Less traditionally, artwork from comics and graphic novels, fantasy and film concept artists and world class tattooists all filter through and inform my designs. Many of my designs have religious or ecclesiastical overtones, e.g. my Angels and Stables range, not because I am particularly devout but because it is part of my history, background and family so the symbolism is part of my visual language. Catholic school and 20 years teaching in a church school has definitely rubbed off! Sister Clare would be so proud!

In 2015, I set up Kat Pearson Designs in a hope of putting together everything I love and have learnt.